This bundle consists of a Gigaset N510 IP PRO base station for 4 simultaneous calls and a Gigaset S650H DECT handset. This set can be expanded to 6 Gigaset Pro handsets per base station.

Professional IP DECT solution

With the Gigaset N510 IP PRO + S650HE PRO handset you can set up 6 VoIP accounts on 1 base station and register 6 Gigaset Pro handsets. This professional IP DECT solution gives you the possibility to conduct 4 simultaneous VoIP calls over 1 base station. The Gigaset N510 IP Pro can be connected to your network via a standard ethernet connection of 100 mbps.

Robust business handset
This bundle includes the Gigaset N650 IP PRO DECT handset, specially developed for business environments. With useful functions such as vibration mode and the choice between different sound profiles, the device can be set completely according to your wishes. The Gigaset S650HE Pro lies comfortably in the hand so that you can make calls comfortably. Thanks to the robust polymer housing, this handset can also take a beating; the device is resistant to scratches and cleaning agents.


ECO DECT: Pure energy savings without a DECT signal

The economical power adapter of the Gigaset N510 IP PRO consumes less electricity, which is good for the environment and your wallet. Like all other Gigaset base stations, this device variably reduces the DECT signal between the handset and base station the closer the device is to the base station. In addition, you can reduce the Gigaset N510A IP’s DECT signal by 80% simply by activating the ECO mode on the registered handset. And if you activate the ECO Mode Plus4 function of the registered handset, the DECT signal will be switched off when the base station is in standby.

Features: N510 IP Pro IP Dect Base Station

  • Maximum 6 VoIP accounts
  • Can be combined with a wide range of attractive Gigaset DECT handsets
  • Excellent HD Sound
  • Expand the system with up to four N510 IP PRO base stations
  • Vergroot uw productiviteit met online-telefoonboeken, bedrijfstelefoonboeken en signalering van nieuwe e-mailberichten.
  • ‘Zero-touch’-configuratie in combinatie met Gigaset-telefooncentrales
  • Power over Ethernet en netvoeding.
  • Energiebesparing door middel van ECO DECT


4 gelijktijdige VoIP gesprekken
6 SIP accounts in te stellen
Voeding via PoE mogelijk
Ondersteunt roaming
Ondersteunt autoprovisioning

Inhoud bundel

  • Gigaset Basisstation
  • Gigaset S650HE Pro handset
  • Handleiding
  • 2 AAA-batterijen (NiMH)
  • Draagclip
  • Lader
  • Netadapter voor lader